Why Do Some Shirts & Blouses Cost More to Process?

Feigenbaum Cleaners is commited to a gender neutral pricing policy meaning we do NOT engage in discrimination based upon gender in our pricing. Our pricing is based upon the individual garment itself and the work required to properly clean and press that garment.

Most business shirts (the type of garment a man would typically wear) size 14½ or larger (unless they are highly tailored) and oxford blouses (the type of garment a woman would typically wear) size 12 or larger (unless they are tailored) can be pressed on our automated equipment, which allows us to process these garments at our basic shirt laundry price.

Blouses and shirts that are smaller, very large, tailored in design, or made of fabrics or trim that require dry cleaning or hand pressing are charged a higher price, because there is more time and skill required to properly process these garments.

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