Seasonal Storage


Refrigerated Storage for Furs & Winter Clothes

Fur coats and jackets can quickly dry out and tear if left in closets or other “uncontrolled environments.” Feigenbaum Cleaners operates our own refrigerated fur vault to protect furs from damage by heat or insects. All furs are hung on heavy wooden hangers and carefully stored with plenty of space between them to provide appropriate air circulation.

We also offer refrigerated storage for all your winter wardrobe items. Protect winter clothes from moths and other insects while you free up closet space for those summer clothes.

Just bring us all your winter clothes each spring. We’ll clean each garment and hang it in our refrigerated vault. In the fall just give us a call and within a few days we’ll give every garment a fresh press and return that winter wardrobe ready to wear!

The cost of wardrobe storage is so little that you’ll wonder why you haven’t used this convenient service before!

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