Fur Cleaning, Repair & Storage

Fur Cleaning

Regular cleaning is an important part of caring for your fur. Dirt and dust particles that become embedded in your fur can draw out the natural oils in the pelts. This can lead to drying and cracking of the fur. These particles can also cause abrasion of the guard hairs that give a fur its luster.

Caring for fur garments is a very specialized craft. At Feigenbaum Cleaners, your valuable furs are cleaned and glazed by the professional “Furrier Method”. Major repairs and alterations are made by our talented furrier.

Furs should be cleaned every year unless they are worn only occasionally. In those cases cleaning a fur every two – three years is acceptable.

Fur Storage

Refrigerated fur storage each summer is critical to protecting your fur and keeping it from drying out and developing tears. Remember to bring your fur in every spring for storage.