One less chore, as close as your front door!

Look Good with NO hassle and NO Sweat!

We do all the hard work, including picking up your clothes and bringing them back. All you need to do is fill a bag with your cleaning, and we will even provide you with the bag. 

That’s why we call our service EasyClean, it’s just so convenient and EASY! Our drivers come by twice a week so your clothes are always ready to wear.

Get Started With EasyClean!

To sign up for our service, or even to try us out (there is no long term obligation, ever), use one of the three easy methods below:

Sign up via Phone: Our friendly staff members are eager to help you Signup with EasyClean. Just give us a quick call at 518-792-1723 and we’ll step you through everything.

Sign up via E-mail: just drop us a line at pickup@feigenbaums.com and we’ll sort it out.

Sign up via Form Below:

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